Today is :Thursday 2nd of October 2014

!!!  NEW MENU – MANY CHOICES  !!!  You’re closer to India-Calcutta than you think

Introducing A Calcutta Affair

As the major riverine port of a nation that's home to more than a billion people, Calcutta hardly lacks for culture. The city's cuisine—a multicultural melting pot of Indian, British, Jewish, Chinese, and other culinary traditions—is but one example of its stunning diversity. A Calcutta Affair's menu captures this diversity in dishes such as the Fish fry, Calcutta chilli chicken, Kosha mutton, a specialty goat dish, and Sweet doi, Rosogolla for desserts. Despite the competing influences, Indian traditions still hold the greatest weight in the Calcuttan kitchen.

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Introducing combo starters (batata poori, kachuri aloor dum etc.), tangy starters (panipuri, chaat etc.), Bengali specialties (sukto etc.) and other region specialties

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53-55 Mountain Blvd Warren, NJ 07059



Awesome lunch buffet on Friday and Saturday ...
Jessica S

Running a restaurant serving Bengali food is great. ...
Khivi K

I’ve eaten at the lunch buffet before and it is excellent and reasonably priced. ...
Gary M